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Everything you need to know about the European elections

Do you want a say in who should make decisions in the European Parliament for the next five years? Do you believe that the environment, democracy, human rights, Europe’s future or the economy are important issues?

If so, cast your vote in the EU elections!

On Sunday, May 26, Sweden goes to the polls to elect its European Parliament representatives. The European Parliament decides many important questions that affect your life in Botkyrka. Many of the laws that apply in Sweden originate in the EU. At the polls, citizens across the various EU Member States get to decide who will represent them in the European Parliament for the next five years.

Vote from May 8

You can vote on election day on May 26, or you can vote in advance (early voting) from May 8.

You are entitled to vote in the European Parliament elections if you:

  • have turned 18 years on or before the day of the election, are a Swedish national, and are or have been registered in the Swedish civil register; or
  • have turned 18 years on or before the day of the election, are a citizen of an EU Member State, are registered in the Swedish civil register, and are enrolled in the electoral register by no later than April 26.

Vote here

  • Citizen offices in Alby, Fittja, Hallunda and Tumba as well as the library in Tullinge.
  • Vårsta at Mötesplats Grödinge; or
  • Temporary mobile polling stations at central locations in Botkyrka.

Voting on election day

  • On election day, you should vote at the polling station listed on your voter’s card.
  • It may also be possible to vote at an alternative location in Sweden.

Voting is simple

It is important that you take a valid form of ID and your voter’s card with you to the polling station. All eligible voters will receive a voter’s card in the mail by no later than May 8. Voting is easy and takes only a few moments. If you forget your voter’s card, on-site staff will be available to assist you and to print out a voter’s card for you. On election day, you do not need your voter’s card.

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