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Welcome to the Botkyrka Municipal Authority’s home page!

Here you can find information in English about how we can help you. If you need help with a translation, an interpreter or more information about what the municipal authority can do for you.

Here you can find information in English about how we can help you. If you need help with a translation, an interpreter or more information about what the municipal authority can do for you.

You can telephone to the municipal contact centre at 08-530 610 00 or send an e-mail to:

Telephone times
Monday 08.00–18.30
Tuesday–Thursday 08.00–16.30
Friday 08.00–14.30

You can also visit a citizens’ advice bureau or a service office, where you can obtain information about the municipal authority’s services, about other agencies or about the region in which you live. The offices are open on Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 am to 16.00 pm and on one day a week until 18.00 pm. On Swedish holidays, they may close earlier or be closed all day.

Alby citizens’ advice bureau
Alby Centrum, Albyvägen 2-4 (Open until 18.00 pm on Wednesdays)

Fittja citizens’ advice bureau
Fittja Centrum, Fittjavägen 3-9 (Open until 18.00 pm on Tuesdays)

Hallunda citizens’ advice bureau
Hallundaplan 1 (Open until 18.00 pm on Thursdays)

Tullinge citizens’ advice bureau
Tullinge Centrum, Nyängsvägen 3 (Open until 18.00 pm on Thursdays)

Tumba citizens’ advice bureau
Tumba torg 101 above Tumba centrum (Open until 18.00 pm on Mondays)

You are also welcome to visit the Municipal offices and our reception at Munkhättevägen 45 in Tumba.

Botkyrka is a municipality characterised by contrasts. For example, the 86 000 inhabitants speak about 100 different languages. Botkyrka lies between Stockholm and Södertälje and is divided into five districts: Alby, Fittja, Hallunda-Norsborg, Tumba-Grödinge and Tullinge. The municipality is governed by a coalition of Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party.

Botkyrka has everything, from lively suburban centres and pleasant residential districts with interesting architecture to rural districts with beautiful nature, forests, meadows, lakes and coastline. Here entrepreneurial activities are encouraged, small enterprises mix with international conglomerates, and many cultures, languages and religions meet together.

Botkyrka has a young population, in comparison both with other towns in the county and with the country at large; the average age is 37 years.
A lot of help is available to you in Botkyrka – you can obtain advice about your rights as a consumer, about energy, about budgets and debts, about alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, and there is special advice available to you as a woman. For young people, there is a youth reception, a reception for young people with addiction problems, and support for those with children or teenagers. There is also a guidance centre for adult education, an employment and competence centre and a job centre.

Examples of what we can help you with

Social services administration

  • Economy (financial assistance, budget and debt advice)
  • Advice and support for parents/families
  • Advice and support for young people, including youth reception
  • Addiction (alcohol, drugs or gambling)
  • Mental functional disability
  • Support for relatives
  • Open preschool

Health and welfare administration

  • Care and support for the elderly
  • Care and support for those with functional disabilities

Employment and adult education administration (Avux) adult education

  • Swedish for immigrants
  • Employment and study guidance
  • Municipal assistance for persons of working age with development disabilities, autism or brain damage, who are outside the normal labour market
  • Labour market efforts

Education administration

  • Preschools
  • Compulsory schools
  • Upper secondary schools
  • Special schools
  • After-school recreation centres
  • Native language education and practice
  • Reception for new arrivals

Municipal authority management administration

  • Child welfare planning
  • Support in immigration matters – work permits, extension of residence permits
  • Booking of legal assistance
  • Questions about unemployment funds

Building environment administration

  • Planning permission
  • Streets and parking
  • Parking permits for those with functional disabilities
  • Water and sewage

Culture and leisure time administration

  • Opening hours for libraries, art museum, culture school, swimming baths, racket-sport halls, recreational clubs, ice rinks/public skating
  • Libraries
  • Association register and association grants
  • Booking of premises (interbook)
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